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Check Your Score

1.     Give yourself 10 each time you chose A answer for Qs from 1 to 5. Give yourself zero for each B answer.

2.     Give yourself 0 for A answers for questions from 6 to 10. Give yourself 10 for B  answers.

3.     Now total up your score.

4.     Analysis:

 Score of 71 to 100: Excellent – you are a well-informed believer and keep an eye out for systems beyond allopathy.

 Score of 41 to 70: Mediocre — You are skeptical but well-informed.  

 Score of 0 to 40: Poor – You need to develop an open mind about traditional and alternative systems. Integrative medicine – intelligent use of diverse approaches to health and medicine – is increasingly gaining traction.

 Disclaimer: This quiz has been created by Team@Lotus. Have fun with it. Always consult your healthcare provider before trying alternative therapies