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  • Maya Shah

    Hey Aparna Got goosebumps while reading this, The first line words*NAMO NAMO HEY SHANKARA* itself is miraculous, Your narrative of the journey is so real felt like as if I too was there, Very very nicely penned down.Great going dear

  • Dr Nivedita Patil

    As someone who holds kedarnath temple and it's sacredness close to my heart, your insightful blog truly resonated with me on a deep spiritual level. Your eloquent descriptions and vivid imagery transported me back to the awe-inspiring beauty of Kedarnath, evoking cherished memories and igniting a renewed sense of reverence. Your attention to detail, coupled with your evident passion for the subject, made every word a testament to the profound significance of this sacred site.

  • Krish Dedhia

    Brilliant article

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Glad we could be a part of the same journe.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks jaina - am glad you could resonate with tge same

  • Navni Chawla
    Navni Chawla

    Dear Sunil Trikha ji, what a pleasant thing to say! I am so glad that you found this article comprehensive. Hoping to bring more and more stories written with an equal or more depth.

  • Sunil Trikha

    Broken to beautiful: The golden path of healing a heartbreak by Navni Chawla is the most exhaustive article on the subject. i could never imagine, so much could be said, explained, cited and made understood. Looking forward to many more such articles by the author !

  • Jaina

    Aparna aunty, you have always inspired me with your creative writing talent but this narration is so close to my heart. Your words transported me back to the time when I visited Kedarnath and I got to relive the challenges, beauty and ultimate tranquility of the place. Loved how you captured the essence of the journey, both physically and spiritually. Experiences like this humble us and we realise that we’re part of something bigger and something beyond tangible. Looking forward to reading more from your desk!

  • Rachnaa Aurora

    Wow, Aparna! Your blog on our Kedarnath trip is an absolute masterpiece! Your vivid descriptions and heartfelt narratives truly transported me back to those awe-inspiring moments we shared together. Thank you for capturing every detail so beautifully, and it means the world to me(Rachnaa Aurora) to be mentioned in your journey. Can’t wait for our next adventure together!”

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks Bhakti - yes it does!

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Glad to be a part of it.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks vishu.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Thanks Meenakshi - the place is full of revelations which take us more closer to our inner most being.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    I too would love the same - looking forward to meet you year after year.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Thanks for the divine interpretation- and insight which only a true follower of the Vedas can give.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    The magic of Shiva only his followers know - glad this write up resonated with you.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks bindu - that's my plan for the coming years.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks Vaishali, the divine inded guides ys every moment in time.

  • vaishali shah

    wow! it's a masterpiece which came from within you like antersphurna where divine is guiding you to write without inhibition..thank you for taking me to the virtual tour of kedarnath and beautifully weaving your knowledge of Vedas and puranas.every atom of Himalaya is Shiva.. the eternal source of universal energy..thank you for sharing such beautiful soul searching experience🙏👏🙌

  • Bindu

    Aparna , you write so beautifully . Reading about your journey and the emotions we felt , was like witnessing it . Wishing you many more such pilgrimages this year and waiting to read your experiences

  • Smruti

    Such a beautiful, personal & vividly-picturised article, I found myself virtually facing the bad weathers, experiencing the turbulences of the helicopter & the serene calmness of the almighty upon reaching the destination. I am a big believer of Lord Shiv and found myself somewhat sentimental as I read through your success in completing possibly one of the most difficult pilgrimages. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with such positively reverberating impact, like always. Om Namah Shivay 🙏🏻

  • Swamini Aaradhana

    Om Namah Shivaaya! Dear, Dear. Aparna, I believe that genuine Faith supercedes scepticism. And Lord Shiva gave u s glimpse of His Immanent n Transcendental Self. In His saakaar roop, He's Adi Yogi, THE Guru who took no Avataar on Earth, but sends His representatives - genuine gurus on Earth. In His Nirgun Swaroop, He's experienced as Vairagya n Gyana. Lord Shiva bathed u n cleansed u in the Holy waters of His Ganga jhata--- so u offloaded years of baggage. Plus He made u aware of His wisdom element in those closest to you-- like family n friend...We tend to bypass their insights, so. I am soo happy He blessed U, blissed U n revealed His beatific side to U... Now u can carry Kedarnath in ur heart everywhere, without actually going there! Very authentic n moving account! Om Namah Shivaaya

  • Priyanka

    Megha Bajaj is one of my favorite authors on this site. I personally loved reading this article. What an insight Megha Bajaj I am treating myself with this Ice cream I learnt through your article, but, loved the way relationships are explained. Extremely relatable. Loved this piece!

  • Priyanka Chadchan

    Yet another wonderful read! I personally loved reading this piece. I am surely treating myself with Rum and Praline soon, but I also loved how a relationship is perfectly explained, what a creative analogy with an ice cream! Thank you Megha Bajaj!

  • Ravina khambe

    Nice insight into spirituality and religion

  • Punita Sachdeva

    One of the most authentic and beautifully penned pieces on spiritualism tourism! Aparna has merged her experience of her pilgrimage to Kedarnath and her inner journey of faith that fuelled it, culminating in a sublime validation of her faith, so honestly and artfully!Her article radiates the joy of communion with the divine! Thank you Aparna for taking us along in this most sublime spiritual journey!

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Well researched article.

  • Bhakti Thacker

    Wow....!! It was indeed a memorable and wonderful narration of your amazing trip to Kedarnath. This story evokes so much emotions. Loved reading it.

  • Shital P

    Very mesmerizing writeup Aparna! Took me on the journey along with you. I felt like I made the trip too. Your faith and ability to feel comes through and people who don’t feel really don’t live. Can’t wait to go on a trip with you!

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks kirsn sir

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks Arpana!

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks uma !

  • Tushar

    Enchanting, exhilarating, transports one to this exciting journey in the lap of Lord Shiva. Om Namah Shivay

  • Dr Vimi M Thapar

    Extremely well written Dear Aparna By reading your article one feels as though one is going through the same experience I can understand how Enriched you must be feeling after this journey to your Dream Destination Wishing you many more Blissful journeys

  • Meenakshi Menon

    Beautifully narrated Aparna . I could almost feel the crisp coolness & divinity of the place .Thanks so much for this virtual trip. The nearest I can get to experiencing Kedarnath. You have also so succinctly added all there is to know about this divine place, making it informative & experiential .

  • Vishakha

    Om namah shivaya Very wonderfully scripted Felt like I too was in the moment Kudos

  • Simi

    Mystic experience very beautifully captured. Great going Aparna. Keep sharing....

  • Kiran Kulkarni

    Very nicely narrated . Om namah shivay. Would surely like to visit this place once.

  • Vandana

    Truly loved your heartfelt expression of your pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Kedarnath.Your devotion to the Lord and your Guru erased all the challenges and filled you with transcendental experiences.Clearly you are blessed and the good wishes of one and all were with you.Wishing you many more mystical experiences and soul-stirring adventures,making your connect with the Cosmos an eternal one.

  • Arpanaa Raajput

    Beautifully penned down the journey of devine energy to Kedarnath Aparna ,felt the power of Shiva drawing towards him to visit the place and seek the blessings through your article . Thank you for sharing your spiritual visit.

  • Sunita Pillai

    What a write up Aparna!! I was literally travelling with you experiencing the nature and the divine feeling all along. Fantastic. You are blessed to have been able to reach there

  • Sunita Dujari

    Hey Aparna, your expression is truly beautiful. I wasn't aware of this particular skill among your many talents, and I am pleasantly impressed by your writing prowess. Thank you for sharing your journey; Kedarnath is also on my bucket list. Your words painted a vivid picture of the sacred shrine, intensifying my desire to go there. Keep up the great work, and best of luck with your writing endeavours!

  • Uma

    So happy Aparna, that you could make this journey and share the experience in your beautiful words! Har har Mahadev

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Your company is divine and our shared faith in Lord Shiva is profound.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Yes dear - we all are Shiva Bhakts thanks to our Papaji.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks mythili for being a part of my journey by reading this again and again.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Surrender takes us a long way and I too wanna visit again and again !

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Visiting spiritual places give us some deep insights into our selves.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks bijal - for encouraging me.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks Tanu, thanks for reading and sharing!

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Am glad this resonated with you.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks Mohit - for reading through this, may your wishes be fulfilled soon.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Thanks Meenakshi- am grateful that the write up added to your experience.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    You should- for some divine experiences are bestowed when we reach such places.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Thanks Raghav- will definitely share ahead.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    This was indeed a journey inward. Thanks shruti.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    god is definitely in the details- thanks riya.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks Soniya, rom-rom mein Shiv.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    thanks Amit.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    interesting view point on flexitanarism, makes our choices more doable. our choices defines us - we must definitely exercise caution while exercising them.

  • Bijal

    Thanks Shalini. Glad you concur

  • Bijal

    Thank you Jamuna for reading my article

  • Shalini Gulati

    Exactly how I myself feel towards and how I live with and apply the concept of veganism in my life, Bijal .That compassion needs to be all-encompassing , is something I’m learning , everyday, every moment….

  • Jamuna Rangachari

    Yes understanding others is the most important factor in the journey of life example is how Mahatma Gandhi though a naturopath allowed people to eat what they wished even ordering non vegetarian sometimes

  • Bijal

    Your welcome, dear. True compassion Amod be all-encompassing and we can strive to achieve that ideal

  • Soniya Mahajani

    Beautifully worded Aparna! Every cell of my body became Shiv as they say in Hindi. Loved the difference you have brought out about the spiritual and religious journeys! Om Namath Shivay!

  • Bijal

    Thank you once again

  • Bijal

    Thank you Dr Humranwala that you are taking time out from your busy schedule to read my work

  • Dr parinaz Humranwala

    You're definitely making waves with your unique voice and insightful perspective. Can't wait to see what you'll tackle next

  • Dr parinaz Humranwala

    Your willingness to delve into thought-provoking topics reflects a commendable depth of creativity and intellectual curiosity.

  • Amit

    Kudos for such a wonderful experience and well written travel / spiritual journey. Look forward to reading more of these insightful thoughts.

  • Mohit Kapoor

    OM Namaha Shivaya !!! Wonderful experience. This inspires me to visit Kedarnath soon. Thank you for sharing this. Jai Bholenath !!!

  • Devanshi

    Your article has inspired me to approach challenges with unwavering belief and find strength in adversity. Thanks for sharing a transformative experience that can truly make a difference in how we face life's storms.

  • Ria Jadav

    Reading about your Kedarnath journey gave me this peaceful vibe. Your thoughts on the present moment hit home, making me think about finding happiness in the small things. Thanks for sharing your incredible experience!

  • Priyavi Shah

    Your Kedarnath journey resonates deeply. Your wisdom on finding happiness in the present has taught me to embrace life's twists with newfound grace and appreciation.

  • Shruti Jain

    Your pilgrimage to Kedarnath is truly inspiring, filled with divine moments and unexpected twists. The resilience of the temple, the suspenseful helicopter ride, and the power of faith all make for a captivating read. Your personal reflections on transience and finding happiness in the present struck a chord. It's evident that your journey was not just external but a profound exploration within. Thanks for sharing this magical tapestry of nature, spirituality, and personal connections.

  • Raj Bhanushali

    Amazing article ❤️ Amazing to read this.

  • Raghav Taneja

    Greetings aunty, A very well written piece of article, quite interesting and in depth and inspiring to say the least. Looking forward to reading more such articles in the future. Kind regards.

  • Tanishq Dedhia

    Very well written Got immersed in the article and felt the whole experience Looking forward to more such articles

  • Jigna Somaiya

    Beautifully penned. This inspires me to visit Kedarnath soon.

  • Dr Bijal Maroo

    Wonderful experience recounted beautifully.

  • Meenakshi Raina

    Wow, thanks Aparna for this soulful and divine experience of your holy trip to Kedarnath. It is only when we consciously and mindfully immerse ourself in the present moment that we realise that life is now and nowhere else. Your intense and sincere prayer to your Guru made it possible for you all to reach your destination and that's the power of now. Loved every bit of your experiential account about and it has also intensified mine.

  • Anjana Menon

    OM Namaha Shivaya !!! Aparna, how beautifully you have recounted your spiritual journey to Kedarnath. It took me back to the time of my own journey to this spiritual abode of the Lord. Kedarnath offers its devotees a profoundly mystical and deep experience, provided we approach HIM with a surrendered mind and an open heart. Your writing has captured this essence so vividly. It has also kindled in me a craving to go a visit HIS abode again, BholeNath willing. Shambho !!! Mahadeva !!!

  • Bansari Nagda

    Har Har Mahadev! The divine is truly watching and has his hands over us. Thank you for writing this piece and reminding us that. ‘Life is Now’, it surely is 💜

  • Anjana Menon

    Om Namah Shivaaya !!! As I’m reading your vivid recounting of your journey to Kedarnath, I can’t help but think about my own journey too. Kedarnath is mysterious and powerful and envelopes you in a bliss, once you surrender completely to HIM. You have captured that essence of Kedar so beautifully. It has kindled in me a craving to visit Bholenath again. Thank you for sharing this. Loved it. Jai Bholenath !!!

  • Mythily Shivkumar

    You took us on a spiritual journey with you. So evocative, beautifully shared. Can understand you keeping the experience in your heart..loved it.

  • Jannhavi

    Spiritual n religious enchanting experience!!!! Well penned and heart pouring devotion of Shiva , Awesome!!!

  • Aditya Doshi

    "Aparna, your vivid recounting of your spiritual journey to Kedarnath is both captivating and deeply inspiring. Your unwavering faith and determination, coupled with the profound insights you gained along the way, truly resonate with readers. Your ability to find beauty, meaning, and solace amidst challenges serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement for all who seek spiritual fulfillment. Thank you for sharing your transformative experience with such heartfelt sincerity and eloquence."

  • Priyanka dhirwani

    Om namah shivay As I am reading your story I feel like I am already in Himalayas starring at my bolenath in Kedarnath dham 🙏🏻🙏🏻 N thanking my Shivay n feeling blessed with you all Thanks for putting our picture We created lifetime memories together Om namah Shivay 🙏🏻

  • Mrs CK Pandey

    Heart touching story. Food is priority for poor than any other thing.

  • Padam Singh

    Wow. Such a sensitive subject, handled with finesse! Kudos, Sir.

  • Jinal Maroo

    Becoming vegan for reasons of compassion, and forgetting to extend it to fellow-humans - thank you for saving me from that trap Bijal. Stay blessed!

  • Bijal

    Thanks Aparna. I am so delighted that you have found that my article adds value to your life.

  • Aparna Dedhia

    Exploring unconventional goals opens doors to unexpected success. Embracing the beauty of these pursuits brings awareness and fulfilment, shaping a unique path to success. Concepts like 'Mudita,' 'giving credit,' and 'prioritizing connections over networking' underscores the importance of gratitude for those contributing to our journey. Regularly revisiting this write-up helps identify elements aligning with our values.Thanks Bijal, for aligning us with ideas that will make our inner journey more purposeful, a checklist which can be visited time and again throughout the year.

  • Bijal Maroo

    Thanks Dr Humranwala for your effusive praise. I am so happy that c you loved my unique perspective

  • Bijal

    Thank you Vanashree. In my opinion, compassion is the only true way to bring inclusion and co-operation on any idea that needs to be dessiminated.

  • Dr parinaz Humranwala

    Your content is not only insightful but also brilliantly crafted. I truly loved the innovative perspective you brought to the New Year resolutions. Excellent job!"

  • Vanashree

    Bijal, thanks for bringing such a compassionate perspective to Veganism & expanding on the thought, toward cultivating new habits. Slow. Steady. Self-compassionate! Indeed.

  • Bijal Maroo

    Pradeep ji, Thank you for expressing your views. It is a matter of breaking age- old habits and yes, pleasures of the tongue do make the world go round.