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Post-Covid, people want ease and joy and to live mindfully

by Parveen Chopra
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Exclusive interview with Sukhdeepak Malvai, a personal development and corporate trainer of 30 years standing, who holds a daily online coaching class.

Lotus: Empowering Coaching Conversations (ECC), a daily live 45-minute session online… that must be a first in the personal growth training world.  How did it come about?

Sukhdeepak Malvai: I started ECC in April 2019 after the discussion with a participant in one of my programs. We looked at the question – ‘What can we do for people to help them deal with the negativity that is bombarding us all the time? What will help people to start looking for more possibilities and help them become the best version of themselves?’

Until recently, ECC was free. But after completing 750 sessions the need was felt for a small monthly fee to cover administration expenses.

  • So how does ECC help the participants?

Sukhdeepak: We have 25 to 30 participants daily (at 6.30 am India time), although more than 170 people have joined so far. Various topics are covered to help people deal with what interferes with and limits our MENTAL-PHYSICAL-EMOTIONAL & ENERGETIC life. Each session is in an interactive, conversational mode where participants ask questions and are coached. Various meditations and other tools and exercises – mental and physical – are also taught.  

  • Can one avail of a free ECC session? 

Sukhdeepak: Yes, in addition to that, more than 750 recordings of the ECC sessions are available on my YouTube channel.

  • What has the online experience been for you, does it work as well for you and the participants as in an in-person setting? 

Sukhdeepak: Initially, it was daunting as I was accustomed to in-person training for more than 30 years. Now, I and all participants are accustomed to this medium. However, nothing beats in-person sessions, where there are many more possibilities of breakthroughs.

  • After Covid what is your sense in which ways people’s perspective on life/priorities has changed? 

Sukhdeepak: People are beginning to realize the importance of living fully and living a life of EASE and JOY. Mindful living has become a priority for many people.

Life lessons from Sukhdeepak

1. Never give up.

2. Each time you fall, get up and run faster.

3. Develop a possibility-seeking attitude.

4. Be in the question, “How to make it possible?” (every time you get stuck) 5. Keep pushing to master mind-body-emotions and to raise your SQ.

  • Your website mentions many workshops you conduct. Which ones are most in demand?

Sukhdeepak: My ‘Good to Great’ online program and ‘Get What You Want’ program are popular.  

  • You are based in Mumbai, India. Have you re-started conducting in-person workshops?

Sukhdeepak: I restarted these in person soon after Covid. I conduct them for corporate clients all over the country. These include my Breakthrough Leadership and other tailormade programs.

  • Access Consciousness is highlighted in your bio, what is it?

Sukhdeepak: ‘Access Consciousness’ is a self-help and personal development movement founded by Gary Douglas in the late 1980s. Access Consciousness aims to provide individuals with tools and techniques to facilitate greater awareness, transformation, and empowerment in various aspects of their lives.

The philosophy of Access Consciousness is built upon a set of principles and ideas that encourage people to let go of limiting beliefs, judgments, and preconceptions that might be holding them back. It proposes that by expanding one’s consciousness and releasing mental and emotional blocks, individuals can access more possibilities, create positive change, and lead more fulfilling lives.

  • I used to know you in India 20 years ago as a Landmark Forum facilitator. Since then, you have transitioned to teaching many other self-transformation courses and technologies. Does that mean that the ones you moved away from were less effective? 

Sukhdeepak: Yes, I was a Landmark Forum seminar Leader and Center Manager. The est (Erhard Seminars Training) and Landmark Forum laid the foundation for me to develop myself and help others to live powerfully. I realized that we were working on MIND-BODY and EMOTIONS. Yet, there was an aspect that did not get addressed, and which had a big impact on the way life occurred for us all. That was something called CONSCIOUSNESS. Or Spiritual Quotient, as some people know it. I was influenced by Dr. David R. Hawkins who was researching consciousness. Hence, my exploration of many modalities, including Vipassana, Reiki, Theta healing, NLP, and Avatar.

  • As a lifelong life coach, how will you distill your knowledge for our readers about human potential and the possibility of transformation?

Sukhdeepak: Many people continue to be obsessed with the outside envelope – looks, hacks, personality, grooming, etc. I believe that when we have an inner transformation, everything alters. Every experience becomes an opportunity to be a better version of yourself.

  • How satisfied are you with your own self-growth, achievements, and creating an ideal life?

Sukhdeepak: At the age of 70,  I can say with conviction that I am living a life that I love and I am doing what I love.

  • Share a few key life lessons from your own life journey.

Sukhdeepak: 1. Never give up.

2. Each time you fall, get up and run faster.

3. Develop a possibility-seeking attitude.

4. Be in the question, “How to make it possible?” (every time you get stuck) 5. Keep pushing to master mind-body-emotions and to raise your SQ.

  • Besides what you teach, which other transformation courses, books, writers, and experts/coaches do you recommend?

Sukhdeepak:  Dr. David R. Hawkins’s book ‘Power vs Force’. Also, ‘The Biology of Beliefs’ by Dr. Bruce Lipton. A program not to be missed: Vipassana meditation.  

Sukhdeepak Malvai

Sukhdeepak is a transformational coach and trainer who applies a 360-degree approach to make you realize your highest potential. He has been training and coaching people in 17 countries for 30+ years. Over 20,000 people, from CEOs to staff and individuals have benefitted from his work. He is certified in NLP, STP, EFT, MBTI, and ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS. He is also a certified MEDIATOR, a Reiki Master, and Avatar Master.


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1 comment

Bharat Nangia, DTM August 11, 2023 - 1:53 am

I am truly impressed by the depth and insights shared by Sukhdeepak in ECC.

The emphasis on looking within, aligning actions with core values, and fostering positive influence has left a profound impact on my perspective.

The discussions about self-awareness, trust-building, and creating a desired future have resonated deeply.

The interactive nature of the session, with personal reflections and shared experiences, has added a beautiful dimension to the learning process.

Heartfelt gratitude to Sukhdeepak for this enlightening Session!!