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Last Reiki master standing reveals healing wonders

by Parveen Chopra
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Last Reiki master
Dr N.K. Sharma, founder with his wife of the world’s largest Reiki organization, shares with Lotus his healing wisdom that intertwines reiki with nature cure and past life therapy.

Meet the Reiki living legend

Dr N.K. Sharma stands as the epitome of unwavering commitment and visionary leadership in the realm of reiki healing. His successful journey began not as a pursuit of profit, but with a lofty mission – to heal people. For that focus, he intertwined reiki with nature cure, health foods and even past life therapy.

Remaining steadfast when other reiki masters withered away faced with diminishing returns, Dr Sharma’s enduring presence and dedication paved the way for the growth of what is today the world’s largest reiki organization based in India. To his students, he is Guruji, as he authentically connects them with pure energy, simplicity, spontaneity, and the science of life.

As a stalwart, earlier in nature cure, Dr Sharma didn’t stop at surface-level exploration of reiki. With a passion that only deepened over time, he meticulously set up systems, networks, and transformative structures through enlightening group workshops. What started as a noble intention evolved into a flourishing community, a testament to his profound impact and commitment to the art of healing and promotion of the well-being of the populace.

Dr Sharma was already known in the 1990s as a seasoned naturopath with 20 years of successful practice split between Bombay and Delhi. With a doctorate in naturopathy, he harbored a persistent mission — to discover cures for formidable diseases like cancer. Fueled by the desire to eliminate the root causes of ailments, he initiated programs such as ‘Master Your Own Health’ and ‘Be Your Own Doctor’ and wrote books like ‘Milk: The Silent Killer’.

After the initial euphoria around reiki receded, most reiki masters moved to other modalities, but Dr N.K. Sharma, already a name in natural healing, created the world’s largest reiki organization with his dedication and endurance.

With the same aim to empower individuals and reduce reliance on conventional medical procedures, Dr Sharma chanced upon reiki, an ancient practice involving energy transmission that was popularized in Japan in the 19th century by Mikao Usui. Being a rationalist seeking scientific understanding, he was initially skeptical and questioned how laying of hands could wield healing powers.

His change of mind and heart came after a surprising incident at his nature cure hospital. A woman with a significant eruption resisted exercise and was advised an 8-day rest with a light diet. Intriguingly, after 15 minutes of reiki healing at the hands of his wife, Dr Savita Sharma, the swelling vanished, allowing her to engage in a full hour of aerobics.

This was the catalyst for Dr Sharma to dive deep into reiki. Around 1993-94, he sought out reiki masters. To further his understanding of the scientific basis of reiki, he collaborated with an Australian reiki master named William Cheung. This was the time when interest in reiki was exploding the world over.

Scientific mind’s exploration

Not content with being a mere follower, Dr Sharma delved deeper into the source of energy, the science of healing touch, and its transformative effects. In 1994, he launched a program combining reiki with natural healing, diet, and spirituality. He emphasized raw foods and eschewing animal milk to address the root causes of diseases. Reiki Healing Foundation he started in New Delhi saw phenomenal growth in the subsequent decades.

Reiki, Dr Sharma contends, creates a divine connection, fostering qualities like compassion, humility, and politeness in practitioners. He says, “This modality extends beyond humans, influencing plants and animals.” Pets are treated free by the reiki healers working under him.

He has experimented with aura photography to look for changes by reiki at the atomic level and believes that communication and love can influence and enliven even inanimate objects like a ball pen.

Dr Sharma draws parallels with the vibrational aura in temples, where revered stone idols come alive through faith and devotion over time. He underscores the power of communication with every element in the universe, cautioning against forceful actions like banging car doors. He affectionately calls Reiki ‘Mahayog’, asserting its teachings on connecting with even molecules and smallest atoms.

Dr N.K, Sharma

Dr N.K, Sharma advocates ‘pranamay aahar’. or energy food, such as fruits, salads, sprouts, nuts, and juices to maintain vitality. His advice on healthy cooking — “Get women out of the kitchen,” implying that we should increase the proportion of raw food in our diet.

Prevention and cure

Dr N.K. Sharma presents reiki as a simple and accessible remedy for emergencies when resources are scarce. You can use reiki as a tool for immediate relief, such as alleviating your child’s tummy ache. He advocates ‘pranamay aahar’. or energy food, such as fruits, salads, sprouts, nuts, and juices to maintain vitality. When asked for advice on the right diet and healthy cooking, he advises, “Get women out of the kitchen,” implying that we should increase the proportion of raw food in our diet.

Dr Sharma challenges the inevitability of disease, saying that maintaining health is the body’s natural state while it takes years of drip-drip to develop a disease. He rejects the idea of falling sick without consent and encourages us to provide our bodies with reasons to remain healthy, avoiding factors that contribute to illnesses like diabetes and hypertension.

Both Dr Sharma and Dr Savita Sharma can boast that they have never fallen sick in the last 40 years. Now 70+, he says, “Although the body has to die, I prefer to die as a ripened fruit and not a rotten fruit.”

In his healing arsenal, Dr Sharma has even incorporated past life regression therapy because sometimes he finds no known causes for the disease a patient suffers from. “To understand the karmic connections in such cases led me to past life therapy,” he claims. Notably, he guided a record 1,400 participants into their past lives in a single online session on January 1, 2022.

Reiki record breakers

The reach of Dr Sharma’s work is reflected in the reiki records he has set. He trained 49,000 people in reiki online on a single day, June 6, 2021. Reiki Level I which encourages you to heal yourself and others is free; he charges a fee only for advanced levels. In 2016, he taught reiki to 5,000 people in one session at Tyagraj Stadium in INA Market, New Delhi. Witnesses to this feat included film star Hema Malini and spiritual gurus like Acharya Lokesh Muni and Subhash Patri.

The Reiki First Couple have been bestowed numerous national and international awards for their contribution to the society. They have also been spritiual guides to many prominent personalities .

Hema malini & Biggest reiki organization
India Book of Records recognized Dr N.K. Sharma’s organization for the highest number of participants in a reiki workshop held at a Delhi stadium in 2016 in the presence of Bollywood star Hema Mailni (flanked by Dr Sharma and Mrs Sharma).

Dr Sharma’s multifaceted approach includes well-being, not just wellness. His workshops include discussions on the laws of wealth and success. He emphasizes the role of the subconscious mind in financial prosperity, sharing his transformation by deciding to become rich. He perfected the necessary skills and offerings, inspiring clients to pay for his services willingly and happily. He talks about it in his YouTube video, ‘Just One Small Change In My Mindset Made Me Millionaire & Successful’ Dismissing the role of God or destiny, he says, “There is an ocean of abundance out there, what you get depends on the size of the container you bring to fill.”
His book ‘Milk: A Silent Killer’ was first published in 1987 and later republished by the Life Positive group. It created a sensation among nutritionists and spread his name far and wide. He went on to write many more books in English and Hindi, such as ‘Miracles of Raw Food’ and ‘Miraculous Psychic Powers’.
Dr Sharma champions veganism and is enthused by the rising trend of young people taking to plant-based lifestyles. “Do you know there are one hundred vegan restaurants in Manhattan alone,” he said during the interview with

Biggest reiki organization

Dr Sharma has created 800,000 reiki healers worldwide over the years. His multi-pronged work is a beehive of activity in the six apartments in a building in Pitampura, New Delhi. Scores can be found doing in-person healing there while others give distant reiki. For reiki, time and distance hold no constraints, says Dr Sharma. There are different offices for publishing and marketing of his more than half a dozen books and digital promotions. His YouTube channel (@ReikiHealingFoundation) boasts an enviable following of over 640K subscribers.
Dr Sharma continues to disseminate his wisdom and healing practices with Dr Savita Sharma by her side as an equal partner. She oversees practical training and administration at the Reiki Healing Foundation. Their new website,, is under construction. They live in Gurgaon with their son, who designs automobiles.

The US tour

The influence of Reiki Grandmasters Dr N.K. Sharma and Dr Savita Sharma extends outside India. Starting from 2008, he has held workshops in countries including USA, Italy, England, Finland, and Nepal.\

Last year they were in America for a month. They led an ‘awakening workshop’ in Flushing, New York. It was organized by the Sriniketan Foundation, a non-profit founded by Mrs Purnima Desai with a mission to align body, mind, and soul through naturopathy, mantra therapy, reiki, etc. Sharmas’ workshop in May 2023 provided scores of attendees with valuable insights into healing practices, empowering them to heal themselves and others.

The Sharma couple also conducted programs in Atlanta, where he says, the participants were all Americans.
A proponent of veganism, Dr Sharma also delivered two lectures in New Jersey under the aegis of World Vegan Vision.

Contact:; Ph: 91-999933113

Dr N.K. Sharma gave an exclusive interview to Parveen Chopra for this article. Navni Chawla transcribed the interview.

Biggest reiki organization

The influence of Reiki Grandmasters Dr N.K. Sharma and Dr Savita Sharma extends to countries in Europe and USA, which they visit to hold reiki and other workshops from their repertoire. Last year they were in New York for the program organized by Mrs Purnima Desai (seen on left of the Sharma couple).  

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Bijal Maroo March 15, 2024 - 3:53 pm

Wow… Wonderful article Parveen Sir. I too had interviewed Dr N K Sharma for ‘Life Positive’. He is a very dynamic person. I learned so much from him as he gave me some tips on living life. He is so down to earth as well😊