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It is time for consciousness shift – Are you ready?

by Meena Om
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Satyam Shivam Sundaram
The evolving consciousness is propelling us to the brink of a revolutionary shift. The pivotal question remains: Are you ready, having done the inner work required?

It is time for the reign of falsehood, imperfections, hypocrisy, ego, and traits that are undesirable for growth and evolution to diminish. A new dawn of truth is ushering for deliverance from ignorance and impurities that have camouflaged humanity.

Connection with truly evolved ones is the requirement of this time to create a collective force backed by an aware conscience to expel imperfections and malignancies that have seeped into worldly ways and human mechanisms. When not connected to some higher power, humans are left to play according to their tuning of egoism. Nations or Humans cannot progress until the time for the right moment is not recognized and action is not taken accordingly.

To realize the call of the time one has to keep consciousness clean and truthful and the same on three planes of mansa vacha karmana – thought, word, and deed. Then even if one tumbles, one can stand up again with renewed energy. This is the miracle or truth. The divine grace pours on Satya Yogi.

A new golden dawn

Always feel the presence of the divine to perceive and sense the opening towards a new golden dawn from where all the energies, messages and directives just rush and pour towards the true seeker who is determined to spread it on earth. This is an uninterrupted flow. A new world is ushering, the transformed state of the old one but a new dawn of evolved beings. Now this is the transit period where old is receding and new is descending. The receding one is still powerful and dominating common consciousness. But a new dawn is sliding in quietly unnoticed. It is sure to take over – until it gains momentum by uniting the humans of the same thought and vision and getting empowered. A wonderful divine opportunity for those who are ready for a quantum leap toward a new ladder of evolution.

In the transit period, humans are reeling through restlessness and tension in all spheres and actions in daily life, with trepidation all around. Humanity has to come to the point where it must break through the cocoon of ignorance, and too many mind games into a new era otherwise succumb to the pressures of TIME and Natural sieving procedure – Mass destruction through five elements of those undesirable things which are not required for the next stage of evolution.

The conflict and struggle between past tunings and descending divine truth light is disturbing the scenario of the whole world, especially too much intellectualization. The decisive struggle between anti-divine forces and truthful powers is now more evident, more fierce, propelling towards the final and definite solution because there are always a few beings who silently do Sadhna for transformation into being of Light.

man facing the sun

Bharat is the fountainhead of true spirituality. True Dharm is not tainted by any self-interest except refining the self and to be of the thought of Sarv Bhutah Hite Ratah – always full of the intention for the welfare of whole existence.

Today humanity is at the decisive turning point whether to choose calculative mind games or to be on the path of Truth, Love, Karma, and Light – true spirituality working on self by elimination of imperfections. No new religion, but a divine life based on diverse sampada, divine properties must manifest to reflect true consciousness. Everything artificial, and hypocritical has to be eliminated to realize the advent of a new dawn of truly evolved ones.

Be ready to experience pure consciousness

Be truly simple, natural, and spontaneous to prepare yourself for experiencing pure consciousness. Openness is required to receive new thoughts and changes without any mind or intellectual interference. Let the truth consciousness be the guiding force in this period of transition which is going to be quite painful and distressing. Overcome and glide through these by the clarity of vision and igniting powers to eradicate all deformities and ugliness that have seeped into the human system.

The future is advancing, growing towards the breed of realized ones. No teaching or preaching will work now but decisive action, direct from the deepest core of the inner being, the abode of the supreme is required. Pranam is indicating the manifestations of a new race of beings of light. As Sri Krishna stated –Sambhavami Yuge Yuge — that Supreme consciousness always descends according to time requirements.

There is always a PERIOD in the evolution process when nothing is more important than working on the self to contribute towards the transformation to enhance the pace of evolution. So the karma of true yoga is to establish the divine consciousness and powers in humans for a divine life of harmonious co-existence on earth. Aspire to constantly widen, heighten, and deepen true consciousness – Vasudeva Sarvam Iti –supreme entity Krishna is all that there is. So be centered and established in this – Shaswaat Sanatan Satya, eternal constant truth. Sadhna of this perpetual truth opens the gates of the planes – spaces that no worldly science can define.

True Dharm is not tainted by any self-interest except refining the self and to be of the thought of Sarv Bhutah Hite Ratah – always full of the intention for the welfare of whole existence.

Bharat is the true fountainhead of true spirituality. That has three-pronged energy and axiom Satyam Shivam Sundaram — Truthful for the welfare of all and beautiful.

The whole world will see the drastic upheaval and revolutionary changes. Humanity will be animated by new consciousness because the world is not MAYA – illusion but a laboratory for the refinement of humans for the manifestation of THAT Mahati Tattve – SUPREME ENTITY.

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