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How SoS presentations dovetailed with agenda of religions’ parliament

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How SoS presentations furthered agenda of religions’ parliament
Science of Spirituality’s positive message of goodwill, harmony, and community found common ground with the focus of Parliament of World’s Religions on peace, sustainability and service to humanity.

Led by Sant Rajinder Singh Maharaj, Science of Spirituality (SOS), a worldwide spiritual organization dedicated to transforming lives through meditation, exhibited at the recent Parliament of the World’s Religions convening in Chicago, IL.

The Parliament focused on the possibility of a more peaceful and compassionate global order, helping the individual and society as a whole to move away from despair and chaos, and towards unity and oneness.

SoS’s positive message of goodwill, harmony, and community found a common ground with the parliament’s focus on peace, sustainability and service to humanity. SOS has its global headquarters located nearby in Lisle, IL, and over 3,000 meditation centers worldwide,

The SoS speakers presented empirical evidence and personal testimony on how the regular practice of meditation helps individuals transform their own lives, while bringing about a positive change in the world. One of the talks, Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Stewards of Peace, included men, women, and young adults who shared how their childhood experiences have helped inform their current perspective on life. They discussed the importance of providing a nurturing and spiritual environment for children as a means to shape their lives, and ultimately help them evolve into tomorrow’s leaders. The speakers explained how today’s children will be the agents of change, helping to bring about a kinder and more harmonious world. The workshop explored ways to cultivate and nurture the values of peace in young children, especially through meditation. Mention was made of the success of the award-winning Darshan Academy schools – offering a rigorous academic program supported by instruction in Meditation and classes on Conscious Living.

A panel of female speakers facilitated a discussion on Women’s Empowerment through Meditation. Their message was aligned around the popular phrase “When you educate a woman, you educate a nation” – and illustrated how today’s women are seeking peace, transformation and a way to directly influence meaningful change in the world.

Another SoS workshop, Living as if all Life Matters – Making a Tangible Commitment to the Global Ethics, emphasized how only by inculcating non-violence in our lives can we truly bring about inner and outer peace. The speakers explored how global ethics are designed to help us understand and embrace values leading to socially beneficial, peace-fostering, and nature-friendly ways of living. They explained the essential role meditation plays in connecting us with our divine inner core that enables us to develop love and compassion for all humanity. Love translates into nonviolence and service to humanity.

While the task of transforming the world may seem daunting at times, a small, yet tangible commitment to leading a life of nonviolence, sustainability, and service to humanity can make a notable difference in the lives of our friends, family, and society at large. This can begin through the simplest of steps – whether it be through something minor like a commitment to recycling, an intent to follow a more sustainable lifestyle, or jsut adding 15 minutes of meditation to one’s daily routine.

The Science of Spirituality also presented a workshop on how the power of meditation can be a catalyst towards bringing about world peace and human unity. Meditation is a connection to a life of deep inner peace and spiritual fulfillment. This was a lead into SOS’s final presentation on Transform Yourself; Transform the World, which emphasized the just, peaceful and sustainable world that can be achieved through the radical transformation of heart and conscience of humanity through meditation.  

Overall, the Parliament was a big success in connecting various streams of thoughts and bringing them together to recognize and celebrate their shared goals of promoting a more sustainable and peaceful world.

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