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Gentle guru offers 4 keys to unlock your inner power

by Parveen Chopra
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Didi-Krishnaa Alotusinthemud

Like a warm and wise sister, Didi Krishna, head of a spiritual organization, offers four heartfelt lessons on how to infuse your life with peace and productivity.

Didi Krishna, spiritual leader of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, has offered practical suggestions for unlocking our inner power.

She recently presented an insightful talk on ‘Unlock Your Inner Power’ to a hall full of people in Manhattan, concluding with a powerful guided meditation.

Sadhu Vaswani Center for World Peace – New Jersey, an outpost of the Pune, India based organization, held the event on May 21 at the Jay Conference Center in the presence of India’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj.

In her even-keeled talk, Didi Krishna explained the importance of overcoming anxiety to unleash one’s inner power. She noted that stress and the need for external validation often hinder our clarity and strength. She highlighted how Mahatma Gandhi, once gripped by fear at a young age, unlocked his inner power to lead a nonviolent movement to free India.

She warned that without awakening, depression could become a major threat to humanity. “Each of us is a potent Krishna, Christ, and Buddha,” she said, urging everyone to tap into their inner divine power and transform their lives.

I felt ennobled meeting Didi Krishna Kumari, who is on a tour of the US. Wearing a white cotton salwar-kameez, she delivers her talk without the fuss or trappings of an Indian guru. Always smiling, she peppers her talk with anecdotes and stories, coming across as a big sister, justifying the prefix Didi which means sister in Hindi.

Affirming that each one of us is a potent Krishna, Christ, and Buddha, Didi Krishna urges everyone to tap into their inner divine power and transform their lives.

Here are Didi Krishna’s four suggestions to unlock our innate divine power:

ONE: Recognizing the two selves

Her first practical suggestion is to recognize the existence of two selves within us. The lower self, driven by passion, pride, and ego, leads to misery and weakness.

“The more we identify ourselves with this lower self, the more miserable our lives become,” she explained. The higher self is our real, true self, imbued with strength and clarity.

Didi shared the story of Enrico Caruso, an Italian opera singer, who overcame initial failures by repeating the mantra, ‘You little me, get out of me; you big me, get into me,’ eventually becoming a legend. She emphasized the importance of positive self-talk, urging we shun phrases like ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I will never succeed.’

Didi also warned against becoming slaves to our addictions, especially technology. “The mobile was meant to give us convenience, but it has become a time killer,” she said. Instead, she encouraged us to be masters of our emotions and affirm our inner power daily. “Within me is the power. I am a powerful soul.” She advised we start each day with such positive affirmations and some deep breathing. This practice can help us unlock our true potential and live purposeful lives.

TWO: Starting the day with silence

Didi Krishna’s second suggestion for unleashing our inner power is to reject the notion that we are limited creatures. “If I were to ask you, ‘Who are you?’ what would be your answer?” she asked, highlighting that most people identify with their bodies, names, professions, or nationalities. However, these are mere labels; the true self is the soul, an immortal and powerful entity. Unfortunately, we nourish our bodies and minds, and often neglect our souls, which are parched for silence and introspection.

Her prescription is we begin each day with a few minutes of silence, as mornings are less distracting and more conducive to focus. “This is your daily appointment with your own self,” she said.

To underscore the importance of PQT (personal quiet time), Didi recounted the story of a psychiatrist she has known. Despite one patient’s urgent request for an early appointment, the psychiatrist stood fast by the 10:00 a.m. start of her work, explaining, “My first appointment is with myself, without which I will not be able to look after my patients.”

By starting the day with silence and reflection, Didi assured, “You will be able to attend to your day’s work with more focus, with more clarity.” Taking the first step is challenging, but the benefits will make it indispensable.

She also shared the story of a mendicant waiting by a stream for it to pause so he could pass it. We, too, often wait for the perfect moment to find inner peace and happiness, only to discover that life continues to flow by. “The greatest tragedy of man is he thinks he has plenty of time,” she reminded.

The program began with soulful singing by the Grammy-nominated Krishna Das (center).

THREE: Practicing self-control

Didi Krishna’s third practical suggestion is to practice self-control and grow in awareness. It is not easy, she agreed, but self-discipline is crucial. While imposed discipline often leads to rebellion, self-imposed discipline fosters growth and stability, she said. The absence of discipline makes our lives messy because we operate on autopilot, reacting to external stimuli mindlessly.

Didi stressed the necessity of mindful living, urging everyone to become aware of their thoughts. “As you think, so you become.” She shared the story of a village boy who gazed and meditated on a mountain face until his appearance mirrored the carved image. Such is the power of focused thought.

She warned against letting negative thoughts take root and advised immediately substituting them with positive thoughts. An empty mind attracts negativity, just as an unoccupied house gathers dust. “Fill your minds with positivity, thoughts of love, peace, plenty, abundance,” she advised.

Didi also highlighted the importance of true independence, which comes from being free of dependencies. She told the story of a minister who left his royal position to find true contentment and realized that his happiness was not dependent on external comforts or recognition.

“Let us learn to enrich our inner life by being aware of our thoughts,” she urged. She explained that repetitive thoughts lead to actions, which become habits and, eventually, our responses. “Reprogram your thoughts,” she advised, to change your actions and habits positively.

This practice of self-awareness and self-control is essential for reducing stress and achieving a balanced, fulfilled life, she said.

ParveenChopra, didi and neha

Parveen Chopra, editor of A Lotus In The Mud, presented Didi Krishna with a crystal lotus after being introduced by Neha Lohia (middle), a seeker and filmmaker.

FOUR: Serving others

Didi Krishna’s last practical suggestion for unleashing one’s inner power is to forget the lower self and ego by serving others. “The best way to forget our lower self is when we go out and help others,” she said. By serving others, we shift our focus away from our own sorrows and difficulties. She shared the well-documented story of a truck driver in America who, after crashing and becoming unconscious, was saved by a mysterious man who displayed extraordinary strength. When asked about his strength, the man replied, “You never know what a person can do when he sees another hurting.”

Didi emphasized the importance of serving unconditionally, without any expectations. Serving selflessly helps unlock the inner power within us.

She encouraged practicing these four keys to unlock one’s potential: recognizing the two selves, starting the day with silence, practicing self-control, and serving others. “Take these four things with you tonight. Even if you get just one key to work, the door will get unlocked,” she advised. By incorporating these practices, we can cultivate inner peace and strength and become a source of positive energy for ourselves and the world.

The evening event united Indian and American communities in a profound celebration of spiritual enrichment and cultural harmony. Grammy-nominated Krishna Das created a devotional atmosphere with enchanting kirtan and soulful singing.

The 600 guests included dignitaries such as retiring Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj, community leaders such as Jagdish Sewhani, academics and physicians like Anna Yusim and Candice Perkins, impact entrepreneur Kunal Sood, authors, and journalists.


Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj shines a light on what spirituality is

Didi Krishna and Ruchira Kamboj

Ruchira Kamboj, India’s Ambassador to the UN, expressed her understanding of spirituality before welcoming Didi Krishna to the stage:

“It’s not about being religious, it’s about being awake to the beauty of life and the present moment and the love that surrounds us. What you seek is seeking you. Spirituality is the journey of seeking inner peace, love, and connection, and it’s not always easy. As Gandhiji reminded us, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’

“We must be willing to look within, confront our fears, and let go of our ego. Ego is a deceptive asset that promises much but yields very little. Let us invest instead in humility and authenticity, which enrich our lives. So, love your neighbors as you love yourself.

“Spirituality is not a solo journey, it’s a collective one. We are all connected; our individual spiritual growth is intertwined with the growth of those around us. As the Buddha would say, ‘We are all on this journey together’. The best way to travel and embrace spirituality is with an open heart and mind. Let us cultivate love, compassion, and wisdom, and remember that we shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

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