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Festivals that tell us to become the living light, connected to the One True Light

by Yvonne Chirya Risely
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diwali 2023
For Diwali, candles and millions of lights illuminate homes and businesses signifying the ‘awakening’ of soul consciousness and reminding us that we are divine points of light.

Although the origins of Christmas and Diwali are in different lands and in different eras, the message and methods of celebration are quite similar. Both have the underlying theme of brotherly love, peace, mutual respect, and unity. Both give a message about the renewal and lightening up of life, family bonding, exchanging gifts, blessings, singing, and dancing. Cleanliness, new clothes, sweets, colorful decorations all add to the joyous occasion.  

For Diwali, candles and millions of sparkling lights illuminate homes and businesses signifying the ‘awakening’ of soul consciousness and reminding us that we are divine points of light. Thousands of small lighted deepaks (wick oil lights) float down the holy rivers on leaves as a remembrance of a time when human beings lived in higher consciousness, naturally aware of being souls. The twinkling lights on the Christmas tree also remind us of our true eternal identity and the star at the top reminds us of God’s eternal light.  
Both celebrations have wonderful spiritual messages, which have become diluted over time as we forget our eternal identity of being souls and become body-conscious. ‘Innately we know in quiet and profound moments that we are more than meets our eye in the mirror in the morning’. However, the world wants us to believe we are what we see in the physical mirror – and we accept it. But what we see is not what we are. We see the physical form, not the content; the body, not the soul; the matter not the mind. That’s why the awakening of spirit and the blossoming of our spirituality means we have to continually practice and keep reminding ourselves, a hundred times a day, ‘I am soul – not body, I am an eternal spirit – not a perishable piece of meat. I am a beautiful spiritual light, I think, I am quality, not quantity. I am free.’

Both Diwali and Christmas have wonderful spiritual messages, which have become diluted over time as we forget our eternal identity of being souls.

The story of how the soul forgot itself and then fortunately remembers is as follows:  “In the winter of the world the light within us had grown dim and we could no longer see. Too many confusing thoughts and worries deluded and froze us into inaction in our search for the meaning of life. The mind became clouded. Forgetfulness filled the air covered with the illusion of external beauty. Having wrong thoughts and actions, we continued to lose our peace, purity, and power. 
But a glimmer of light, a glow of soft peace, which is always there within, begins to awaken the feelings of pure love and memories of our innate goodness. The dark clouds of doubt begin disappearing; new hope and spiritual energy fill the soul, as the Supreme Sun of Knowledge gives courage, understanding, and strength to every cold ‘branch’ and ‘twig’ of this eternal Tree of Humanity. 

God, as the Creator, the eternal Guiding Light of Knowledge, ignites our extinguished lights with the ‘oil’ of new knowledge and the flame of loving remembrance and makes us worthy. The soul awakens and remembers with delight, ‘I am light and eternal and so are you.’  Enlightened, the winter of the world blossoms into ‘spring and summer’, a pure, peaceful heavenly world of happiness, where brotherly love creates harmony, as the light of the soul is constantly lit.
One does not become soul-conscious and good by trying to be good, but by finding the truth and goodness already within, just a bit buried.  For this, it is necessary to turn the eye of your attention and awareness within, develop self-knowledge, discover our virtues and specialties, accumulate inner strength of willpower, and learn to think and talk properly to yourself. Meditation is really a dialogue with oneself, a spiritual endeavor.

In the olden days, one candle had to be lit by another. So how much value can be given to someone who brings light and lightness, where others have brought their darkness? The lightness of their presence shines through; it is incognito and invaluable. It may be a gentle smile of comfort, an attitude of genuine interest and respect, words that diffuse an awkward moment. Making a positive spiritual impact is about being strong on the inside whilst externally radiating a calm and gentle nature. Practice looking at their positive qualities, and these qualities enter us. The day I stop finding fault in others is the day I begin to experience peace!

The twinkling lights on the Christmas tree remind us of our true eternal identity and the star at the top reminds us of God’s eternal light. 

“Who will work in my absence?” asked the Sun to the entire world during sunset. Everyone remained silent…  But Candle whispered, “I will try my very best…”. ”Yes,” the Sun replied. “It is not the matter of size or status, but it is the attitude that shines.”    
The power of pure love and peace received from staying connected with the ‘Sun’, with the company of God, brings automatic transformation within the self. Seeing this, others will have love and make their own efforts to change. Serve as a candle to others as the flame of our minds, our inner light has been lit and can ignite the light of others. Let the thought of peace sit in your mind. Our thoughts travel, moving at a great speed and with considerable impact. Whilst others may weave their darkness, those who stay light in spirit know their positive godly thoughts radiate out and can touch any person, any place in a second, and create change. Now in this current Winter of the world, we can shine our inner light of love again to bring back health, happiness, abundance, and harmony. “Let your little light shine, let it shine, let it shine!”; “Don’t hide it under a bushel” because the whole world now needs the light of soul consciousness.  
It takes only a moment to move away from the current Age of Darkness to the Age of Light of health, happiness, abundance, and harmony. God is only a thought away, always there to show the way. Recognizing my spiritual identity is like being reborn; suddenly I am no longer ordinary. Become the living lights, connected to the One True Light to awaken others to shine, and the darkness vanishes like it was never there.

Photos courtesy: Pexels and Hindustan Times

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