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Enhancing Human Powers with Bimal Ramani

by Shomik Chaudhuri
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Dr. Bimal Ramani at one of his session

Dr Bimal Ramani, who is currently visiting the US, is an Indian researcher of Human Powers, Psychic Abilities, Extra Sensory Perception, and Cosmic and Vibrational Energies. He is also an Amazon Bestselling Author, Coach, Medical Practitioner, Consultant, and Counselor and is the Director of Solar Hospitals Pvt. Ltd and Grace GPS Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. He has founded Hemisons Foundation, Adventurous Peace, i’Lect Mentors and Radheshyama Charitable Trust to help people enhance their human capabilities and innate powers.  

Professionally, he has a degree in alternative medicine, but his hobby is researching Human Powers, Psychic Abilities, and ESP. He has been providing different kinds of training for enhancing human physical and psychic abilities since 2009. His special interest lies in training individuals to achieve an extraordinary level of excellence to even set world records and to treat diseases without medicines. As a result of his training, many of his students are conducting energy healings and are helping achieve control over acute pain. With his basic training, he claims a child can read, write, or identify colored objects blindfolded, and can even play chess or other games blindfolded. These feats have been featured in many TV programs in India.

He is also an Amazon bestselling author of a book titled ‘Be A Super Human.’

One of his students, Jeet Trivedi, set a Guinness Book record by demonstrating his skill of arranging chess pieces in their right places blindfolded in record time.

In the process of brain reading, Dr Ramani provides a 68-page brain mapping report by DMIT Test with free counseling. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a study of fingerprint patterns. It helps in understanding a great deal about an individual’s potential and personality type. DMIT is based on the understanding of Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology, and Embryology. DMIT Test Assessment method has been formulated by scientists and medical experts. 

For children, this study helps develop creativity, enhance memory, concentration, self-confidence, awareness, enthusiasm,  inspiration, mental powers, alertness, good behavior,  enhances their potential, improves academic excellence, increases reading speed and recalling powers, reduces stress, fear, phobia, anxiety and depression. It also helps remove negative blockages, stubbornness and phobias. Stress management practices and time management routines are also aided. It also helps in handling inappropriate behavior, mood swings, hyperactivity, and anger along with stress and examination phobias. It brings out the hidden potential of a child and encourages developing spirituality and related good qualities.  

The study actually helps to determine a child’s inborn talent and natural character, innate abilities, best learning style, and brain strength and weakness. It rewards by improving relationships, learning styles, parenting techniques, and activities based on a child’s multiple intelligence and innate abilities.  

Dr. Ramani also has programs for children with autism, hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, and congenital blindness. These children can benefit greatly and achieve amazing results from the training programs.

The program is open to professionals, business people,  leaders, housewives and students.

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