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Do not outsource your health. Be the owner of your body

by Navni Chawla
Dr Sarin
In his new book, distinguished physician Dr Shiv Sarin emphasizes that your well-being is your journey, not someone else’s responsibility, and gives life-saving tips.

Eminent Indian physician Dr Shiv K. Sarin emphasizes the importance of taking charge of one’s own health in his new book ‘Own Your Body’.

The gastroenterologist, hepatologist, and researcher launched his book in New York and New Delhi recently.

At the book launch at the Indian Consulate in New York, Dr Sarin shared some science-based commandments for protecting yourself and future generations. One of those involves creating a family health tree to identify any hereditary diseases, making you responsible for the health of your progeny.

“Health cannot be given. It has to be earned,” stated Dr Sarin, former Chairman of the Medical Council of India honored with India’s Padma Bhushan award.

He believes that the best investment one can make is in one’s body. Avoid the overuse of medication which diminishes the body’s natural ability to repair and heal itself.

Highlighting the impact of lifestyle on health, Dr Sarin advises, “Don’t fill your entire stomach. Divide it into four parts: one part for food, one part for water, and let the remaining half be empty.”
‘Own Your body’ is published by Bloomsbury, India.

Fulsome praise for the book comes from Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries, the most valuable Indian company. “In this book, Dr Sarin has distilled his rich medical wisdom, acquired through years of successful practice into 21 engaging and insightful anecdotes. Reading this book, one would realize that good health is not as much a function of one’s genetic makeup as it is of one’s lifestyle choices. And it is perfectly within one’s reach to lead a healthy and satisfying life.”

At the Delhi launch of Dr Shiv Sarin’s book in February: journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, actress Sonam Kapoor, Dr Sarin
and artist Satish Gupta.

Dr Sarin, who set up a liver institute in Delhi, particularly emphasizes the critical role of liver that controls blood sugar, immunity, skin color, and fat and protein metabolism. If you or a family member is overweight, had a sudden heart attack, has diabetes, cancer, liver cirrhosis, chronic kidney disease, or snores frequently, take a test for fatty liver.

Dr Sarin, who set up the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences in Delhi, focuses on the less emphasized critical role of liver in the body, noting that it is the center of the body’s metabolic processes. The liver controls blood sugar, immunity, skin color, and fat and protein metabolism. He warns that having more than 10% fat in the liver indicates a fatty liver, which is unhealthy, and highlights that diabetes is also a liver-related disease.
He prompts readers to consider the origins of cholesterol, which circulates in the blood when the liver is overloaded with fat. This excess fat can spill into the blood, and when it settles in various parts of the body, it becomes the root cause of diseases such as stones in the gall bladder, high blood pressure from clogged arteries, heart attacks, strokes, chronic kidney disease, and even cancer due to chronic low-grade inflammation.

sarin launch at consulate
The book was launched at the Indian Consulate in New York in mid-May in the presence of
Consul General Binaya Pradhan (seen on the left of Dr Sarin), eminent doctors, and community leaders.

Dr. Sarin recommends you take a test for the fatty liver. If you or a family member has diabetes, has had a sudden heart attack, is overweight or obese, has cancer, liver cirrhosis, chronic kidney disease, or snores frequently, there is a chance of fatty liver. Tests include an ultrasound and an affordable SGPT (Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase – a liver enzyme) test. The SGPT levels should be 30 in men and 19 in women. Higher levels are dangerous, akin to a fire alarm.

Dr Sarin also details four lifelines for achieving and maintaining health. “The first lifeline is to be slim and fit. It’s not just about being lean; it’s about being slim and fit, and understanding what being fit means. The second lifeline is knowing when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat. After 40, be Ekahaari. One meal is good enough for you. The third lifeline is ensuring restorative sleep and maintaining a good routine. The fourth involves medication, but it should only be used if the first three lifelines have been exhausted.” He also advises having not one but two apples a day to bolster health and prevent diseases.
His humble desire is that people become aware that health is their responsibility. He prays for you to get control over your health and maintain it lifelong.

Dr Shashi Shah, who was instrumental in mounting the book launch event at the Indian Consulate, interacted with
Dr Shiv Sarin onstage.

Launch of ‘Own Your body’ at the Indian Consulate in New York on May 21 saw Dr Sarin interact with Dr Shashi Shah, a board member of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI).

The launch event in Delhi was hosted by Bloomsbury India at the India International Centre in February where Dr Sarin conversed with film actress Sonam Kapoor and others. The panelists shared their insights on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and their personal health routines.

Most importantly, Dr. Sarin wants you to take to heart this one gem of a sentence: “Do not outsource your health; be the owner of your body.”

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A good read about the new book ” Own your body”.
Thanks Navni Chawla for this article. Hope it will definitely prompt every reader to buy the book and become more aware about one’s physical health.

Navni Chawla
Navni Chawla June 7, 2024 - 9:03 am

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