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Awaken the Sleeper within and see life light up

by Pamarty Venkataramana
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Life light up
Soul never sleeps. The conscience is always awake, all you need to do is clear the cloud of cultural conditioning. Confusion ends then and serenity becomes the character.

Awaken the sleeper in yourself – what does this mean? If this question was posed to a layman, the sheepish smile would send you back on your tracks, biting your lips in regret, because he is actually asleep and sleeps more often than awake.

But what happens when the question is posed to the clergy classes of society anywhere in the world? In all probability, you would be sermonized about the pitfalls of approaching the unseen master or a long ago dead and gone personality without a mediator to intervene on your behalf. These are real-life examples.

However, the plain truth is that being awakened can neither be understood to mean nirvana nor salvation and moksha as is often assumed by preachers and their flocks.
The awakening is of the sleeper in oneself. And the one asleep is the good conscience or an unseen reflection of the invisible soul whom the human form harbors during one’s lifetime.

How to go about this task and what is the benefit derived from it? The mind is a great mis-reader of situations and is oftentimes fed and led by surrounding circumstances and hypotheses or perceptions and fads of popular actors rather than undergoing a litmus test of Dharma or a challenging trait of righteousness.
What is righteous to one individual or group of individuals in a given community or section of this plural, unequal society we live in might not be so to the remaining population.

Similarly, this sense of right and wrong may alter with time due to which man-made laws are found to be in a state of flux rather than being rigid like the customs and traditions that have withstood the test of time.
Likewise, a certain action or activity that appeared to be virtuous and natural at a particular stage of life might seem to be innocuous and negative in hindsight soon after the sleeper is awakened. This can manifest itself in the form of scolding loved ones, ignoring the sentiments of others, or even indulging oneself lavishly in vices.

Is the sleeper really asleep?

Why does the sleeper sleep at all? Or, does the sleeper never actually sleep? This is the moot question to be addressed by one and all.

The latter proposition is the simple truth. Soul never sleeps. The conscience is always awake but needs to be revived because the borrowed artificial intelligence of the person clouds the vision and native-born wisdom of the being who grows up to become an adult, mingling with prevalent notions and practices of peers and other seers in society.
This phenomenon is a natural event and a great deal of unlearning becomes necessary to awaken the sleeper.
What happens when the sleeper is invoked to turn into an active state of controlling the mind and bodily functions of the person?
The persona aligns itself with the soul and the alter ego assumes a symmetry in thoughts and actions. Righteous deeds are executed and the right action in the right direction at the right time ensures peace in life’s journey.

To be aware is to be awakened: to discern right from wrong and vice versa is the attainment of the state of awareness. Once awakened, good conscience would douse and still all negative vibes. As a result, the person neither faces any dilemmas nor lets any confusion or chaos co-exist.

Serenity becomes the character, and an orderly manner of leading life invariably extends one’s lifespan. Laws of the modern world still cling to the principles of natural justice, fair play, and good conscience, over and above the statute books. This is because only a kind judgment can reflect an awakened society. Justice can never be just unless and until the touchstone of good conscience is held in the palm of a judge and not the ubiquitous gavel.


Once awakened and permitting your soul to reign supreme, you shall be exalted to the status of being one with the supreme Almighty force. Nothing can then dissuade you from treading the path of Dharma, righteousness, and blissful living.

How to awaken the sleeper

How does one awaken the sleeper within oneself amidst the humdrum of existence and the rat race for grandeur and power? Is it via myriad forms of meditation and yogic practices one is inundated with through hoardings and other advertising modes? Or, is it through isolation from society by taking solo trips or trekking in remote mountains? Is it by squatting on a seashore and gazing up at the vast expanse of skies?
Not really.

The sleeper in oneself can easily be awakened by a stealthy use of detachment whilst going about routine life – be it as a householder, a manager, a student, a bureaucrat, a fruit vendor, or whichever position one is stationed in life’s journey. This means that the one seeking to awaken the sleeper ought to rise above base feelings of self-aggrandizement and a mentality to hoard and hold on to temptations. This does not by any stretch of the imagination mean self-deprivation.

A merciful disposition and compassion towards fellow human beings is a sine qua non to understand the maxim of natural justice which says, “Your right ends where my nose begins, and my right ends where your nose starts!”

A good conscience is the antithesis of a bad conscience. The latter brings with it qualms of guilt and regret. The former prevents the occurrence of any bad act or causing damage and injury to another or even the self.

In the ultimate analysis, once you permit your soul to reign supreme, you shall be exalted to the status of being one with the supreme Almighty force. Nothing can then ever discourage you and you shall not be dissuaded from treading the path of Dharma, righteousness, and blissful living.

A word of caution though. When the sleeper is awakened, you would become intolerant of injustice and unjust enrichment. Whereupon, you would require great sagacity to counter any urge to oppose violent, unjust ones in their coin. But, this impulse must be repelled through practices of devotion, inner chanting, and spiritual lifestyle.

Otherwise, there shall remain no gap between the ones who consume spirits to come alive and the ones who have sought to be awakened through a spiritual lifestyle.
Dharma alone can help restore the balance of power in a fallen society and awakening the sleeper within oneself alone can save the soul from escaping to a lesser form in the birth of the individual once the soul deserts the indisciplined bodily form of a persona.

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