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Animal communication – Read your pet’s thoughts

by Bijal Maroo

A dog is called a man’s best friend. Communicating with your pet can help you return the favor and be by Tommy or Kitty’s side through thick and thin.

George Elliot, the English writer, once said, “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

It is true that ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’. For many of us, our pets are more than family and a substitute for friends. A famous cat Toldo, from a Tuscan village in Italy, visited his master’s grave daily and often brought small gifts out of love and gratitude. His story from 2013 traveled the world and demonstrates that our pets display all human emotions such as love, grief, jealousy, and attachment.

Have you ever wondered how a conversation with our pet companions might feel? Wouldn’t it be fun to know what they think about your new hairdo or even your latest love interest? Would you rather share your deepest secret with this loyal friend instead of confiding in a friend who might end up squealing on you? I am sure there are many times we find ourselves at a loss to comprehend our pet’s feelings and desires. Well, read on to know how you can just do all of these.

Recently, I attended a vegan potluck and got introduced to a lady named Swati Marhia, who said that she was an animal communicator. She said she could even communicate with plants and trees. I pricked up my ears, “What on earth is animal communication?” As soon as the group broke up, I made a beeline for Swati. Passionate about being a channel between pets and their owners, she told me all about her wonderful vocation. It started about two or three decades ago in the United States and is now spreading across Europe and the rest of the world.

Many people such as horse whisperers, vets, pet groomers, pet behaviorists, and pet handlers are natural animal communicators. Swati says that ‘animal communication’ is nothing but telepathy and we all can do it. As children, we all communicated through this little-understood medium of telepathy. Growing up, when we discovered the power of words, this hotline of thought exchange was slowly relegated to the back burner.

Examples of telepathy can be found in ordinary life too. Many times, we notice that when we think of someone intensely, that person gets in touch with us and reports that he/she too felt a strong urge to connect. Often, two people who are close end up having similar thoughts or ideas. ‘Animal communication’ is just a matter of polishing our lost skills. A love for animals is the basic requirement while everything else can be picked up along the way.

The animal communication training program teaches participants to establish a rapport with animals. At the start, the entire group is put through psychometric tests to figure out their strongest modality in terms of receiving messages. Some people are highly visual and others more auditory, while yet others are just more attuned to their bodily sensations or gut feelings. So, they could be clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant respectively, or combinations of the same. This is important as animals use the language of images, sounds, and sensations to communicate with us. 

Next, the group is divided into pairs. One person in each pair becomes the transmitter of the thought and the other plays the recipient. The trainer asks the transmitter to hold one color along with an object of the same color very strongly in his/her mind. Then, they focus on sending this image to the recipient. The recipient in turn focuses on receiving the message from that signal sender. Many participants successfully guess the color or object or both correctly after receiving the telepathic transmission. The key is to free oneself of all thoughts and be in the present moment to receive messages. If distracted, we are unable to pick up the messages. The animals transmit images or sounds to the communicator or the ‘Pet Psychic’, as they are sometimes called. Some of them feel the sensations like pain in the same limb or body part that the animal is feeling and inform the owner of their pet’s suffering.

Some people are highly visual and others more auditory, while yet others are more attuned to their bodily sensations. This is important as animals use the language of images, sounds, and sensations to communicate with us. 

Swati never wanted to be a professional animal communicator, but eventually felt she could help many pet owners and their pets. She trained her intuition with third-eye meditation to get better at her skill. She makes sure to ask the pet parent the reason for the consultation. Many owners seek help when their pets are facing behavioral or health issues which are causing the pet and the parent distress. Sometimes, a pet has gone missing, and the communicator helps find the animal. In some rare cases, the pet parents might seek help to communicate with a pet who has passed over to the other side.  

Swati narrates an incident when an owner contacted her for his pet who refused to eat or drink and had turned aggressive. When she connected with the dog, he sent her an image of some sharp white thread in his tummy which was causing him great pain. The veterinary doctor was skeptical about believing an animal communicator’s diagnosis. But a scan proved Swati was right and the dog got the needed relief. The vet is now a convert and consults Swati for her own pets too.   

Another case related to a cat who was away from her home for an unusually long period. The cat communicated to Swati that she needed to mate. Indeed, Swati says that our pets too have needs that we fail to understand sometimes. When asked, the cat informed Swati that she would return in 3 days. The pet parent was overjoyed when she did and called to thank Swati.

Laila del Monte, a pioneer of animal communication in Europe, has observed that pets often reflect the owner’s personality and problems. Akshaya Kawle, an animal communicator based near Mumbai in India, remembers one cat who had turned unresponsive after her owner began smoking. Dr Thierry Bedossa, a French veterinary behaviorist, confirms that pets are extremely sensitive to the physical and mental states of their owners.

Animal communicators are also called to heal the pet of anxiety or panic caused by traumatic experiences it might have undergone. Laila del Monte can transmit feelings of peace and well-being and safety to the animals. She does this through images, sounds as well as physical and emotional sensations which constitute the animal’s language.

Hence, it is important to treat animal communication with as much respect as one does human-to-human interaction. There is no need for the physical presence of the pet as all talk happens directly with their souls. However, it is important to seek their permission before we read their thoughts. The pet owners also need to honor the promises they make to their pets or else the pet suffers from betrayal. To end the conversation, the communicator can make a loud noise to indicate that the meeting is over. Or politely inform the animal that you are leaving.

I asked Swati what opinion animals have about us, human beings. She said they feel humans always live in either the past or the future. In contrast, animals always live in the present and have no fears. Akshaya Kawle says they are not afraid even of death as they know that it is only the soul that matters and not the body. We humans think we are the most evolved species on the planet based on our intellect. However, these nuggets of wisdom that animals impart to us can be the guiding posts to a happier life.

Hippolyte Taine, a French historian, and philosopher, said, “I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.”

Cat picture courtesy Tranmautritam/Pexels; dog picture courtesy Charlie Green/Unsplash

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Dr. Bijal Maroo August 2, 2023 - 3:21 pm

Thank you Shekhar for your very incisive and pertinent observations. It is thanks to readers like you that we continue to write with passion.

Shekhar Prasad July 27, 2023 - 5:02 pm

So strange!!! Pets or without pets we are surrounded by these splendid creatures and we , at least I, never knew or suspected them of such divine faculties. After reading these article I am forced to think if they would ever know how mean and fallen in grace we are when we refer to anything heinous as “animal like”. Or are they already aware of this and have excused and pardoned us as they know that “humans came into existence after falling from a state of grace”!!!

Thanks to the author for bringing up this topic to the surface……..