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For a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful You

Everything you wanted to know about karma theory (including how to earn good karma)

how to earn good karma

In Indic religions, karma is a complex, self-governing law, not reliant on a divine judge. But did it make Indians fatalistic?

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Celebrating One Year of the Lotus Blooming

In one year since it went live in November 2022, has made tremendous strides. The quality of content has improved progressively to rival any in a similar niche. The number of regular readers and page views has been growing from month to month.

In furthering our mission of serving our readers as a guide to wellness and spirituality, we have made some notable advances. To further the reach of the Lotus web magazine, we have contracted an agency in Chicago to handle our Social Media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so we come up high in Google searches. Starting in June, a biweekly newsletter is being emailed to our subscribers and potential readers.

We also had an opportunity to attend the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago in August 2023, and have carried many reports from there.  In September, we organized a discourse and meditation on Kashmir Shaivism with Virendra Qazi, an expert on the subject.

All this activity and growth could take place with the generous support of our benefactors. In 2024, Lotus is poised for a bigger round of expansion and looks forward to support from new donors and charitable organizations, as well as corporations and government agencies.   


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